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Since 1995, Our Team Has Succeeded In Understanding The Needs Of The Clients And Creating Reliable Cooperations To Serve Them All.

CHANGQING Chemical Co., Ltd. is located in Zibo City, Shandong Province, with 28 years of refrigerant production experience and 5 years of export experience. Our company has 11 production lines and 7 filling workshops. The main products include HFC refrigerants, R134A, R404A, R407C, R410A, R507, R32, R125, R143A, R152A; HCFC refrigerants, R22, R141B, R142B, R406A, R408A; HC refrigerants, R290, R600A, R600. The purity of the products is greater than or equal to 99.9%. There are different packaging options such as cans, steel cylinders, ton bottles, and ISO tanks, and the packaging layout can be customized. Our company has various certifications, such as SGS, CE, DOT, KGS, REACH, COA, MSDS, etc.

At present, the cooperative customers are mainly distributed in Europe, Asia and the Middle East, and also in other regions. We sincerely hope that we will become partners and truly achieve mutual benefit and win-win results.

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Quality Comes First! We Make Sure That Every Minute Detail Is Looked Into While Manufacturing Even The Smallest Product. Our Focus Is 100% On Client Needs And Satisfaction.


Consider from the perspective of customers, pay attention to customer needs, help customers solve problems, provide customers with tangible benefits, and achieve common development and growth.

Win the trust of customers with excellent quality and sincere service.


Build an honest enterprise and brand, maintain the excellent image of Chinese enterprises, and undertake social responsibilities to the greatest extent.

Take care of employees, help them achieve their personal goals and improve their quality of life.

Participate in various types of environmental protection activities and public welfare activities to contribute to the sustainable development of the earth and society.


Law of the Jungle: natural selection, survival of the fittest.

Always be in awe of nature.

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